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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>steve a:now at ten: >>steve a:the scary scene as a grass fire spreads to a bay area neighborhood. people given just minutes to get out. then: >>pam m:new at ten. a community fed up with loud noise and unruly college kids,. the east bay party house that they say. needs to go. >>pam m:high winds causing big problems in the bay area. >>pam m:good evening i'm pam moore. >>steve a:and i'm steve aveson. >>steve a:now we are tracking the chance of rain for the morning. we want to take you live outside. this is a shot from our bay bridge camera.
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a wind advisory in effect all over tonight. >>pam m:we also have a live picture from san francisco international airport. not a good day to fly. the wind caused major delays -- some flights delayed an hour and a half. the question now -- what can we expect heading into tomorrow. meteorologist britney shipp is here with answers guard. >>reporter: here is a closer look at the with the plan weren't in the low 50s by 11:00 a.m. and temperatures are warm and to the mid-50s and then into the '60s you go by 1:00 p.m. a closer look at the when the us will want to win out san francisco airport down to zero
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the reason lies will have this area of low pressure bring a snow showers to the sierra a chance of rain showers as the go into the rest of tonight as to take a closer look as to what to expect this is what it will look like we could see some heavy downpour and isolated thunderstorms as to get into the afternoon as it pushes to the evening. >>pam m: it was cause and a lot problems today and called a lot of people driving up to talk off guard everyone else as a matter of fact interstate 80 had to be shut down here we are in may and
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chain requirements are in effect we will have the force your forecast coming up. >>pam m:strong winds helped fuel a grass fire. >>pam m:that spread into a fairfield neighborhood new tonight -- we've just learned that >>steve a:police briefly detained four people on the scene but it turned out they were trying to help put out the flames. >>steve a:all this happened on santa barbara way at around 4:00. tonight we are getting a better look at the damage. >>steve a:kron4's kate cagle talked to people forced to leave as the flames approached. >>reporter: you can hear ever could sell her family to a pack of their stuff as the grass fire resistant neighborhood trees the fire started out on the grass behind these homes near homeless encampment friday afternoon it quickly grew to four alarms here
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you can see multiplies the covering away wrapped in the garage to concede straight through to the backyard no one was hurt in the red cross to talk on the families who lost their homes.
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>>pam m:new at ten tonight. >>pam m:a notorious party house in moraga -- dormant in recent months -- is once again, disturbing a usually peaceful street in that town. >>pam m:last night, just days before graduation, police say, as many as 100 people -- mostly students from saint mary's college, held a distructive party there. >>pam m:and neighbors tell kron four's philippe djegal. it crossed the line. >>phillipe djegal: and upset party go or hurling insults captain on this video as police cleared the area late thursday night they're asking police chief says that the home has
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been a problem for more than a decade this said home owners down then the property instead for years have rented a house out to students from st. mary's college police has not been called a home since last may the suspects to the graduation coming up this weekend to do is let loose without keeping neighbors like heart and mind in this case due to the history of the home he said home owners received in the minister of the citation which carries a to half the $50 fine--hundred and $50 find--250 fine.
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. >>pam m:one day after the san francisco police chief resigned. >>pam m:the new interim chief is talking about the changes the department will make going forward. >>steve a:chief greg suhr resigned yesterday after the city's latest officer-involved shooting. >>steve a:the person killed in that case has now been identified as jessica williams >>steve a:police say, they tried to pull over a stolen car she was driving. but she took off. >>steve a:they then fired. >>steve a:the officer- involved shooting came at a time when the department was already under pressure. facing intense protests and accusations of racism. >>pam m:kron4's justine waldman is live in san francisco. with what's next for the san francisco police department. justine >>reporter: it can take three to six months of process that is underway right now members of
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the fiscal 5 load on the strikes demanding he be fired now have new demands he will be one of
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the people in charge of picking a new permanent police chief someone he says would need to be ready to go on day one the new police it could be from inside or outside of the department we have learned and turned chief will be holding seven community meetings and that it will also take the police commission until the end of june to vote on the new police policies and procedures.
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>>steve a:fallout from the police chief's resignation. is far from over. >>steve a:there are those who think, even his replacement toney chaplin - is not the right man for the job. >>steve a:we spoke one-on-one with well-known civil rights lawyer john burris about suhr's replacement. >>steve a:burris is representing the mother of mario woods. >>steve a:he's the san francisco man who was armed with a knife and was shot and killed by police. >>steve a:and although burris says he has no problem with the outgoing chief. or his replacement. >>steve a:he thinks the problem is within the department. here is his take on the interim chief. >>steve a:on our website.we have stories on all the recent police shootings in san francisco. >>steve a:also, the series of protests demanding chief greg
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suhr be fired. and.the scandal involving officers sending out racists texts. it's all at kron 4 dot com. >>steve a:the golden state warriors returned to the practice court today. by this time on sunday, game 3 of the western conference finals will be in the books. >>steve a:and hopefully, it ends with the champs ahead in this series. for the most part, the dubs are at full strength. but-- there has been some question about the health of steph curry. >>pam m:kron4's mark carpenter is here with some answers. >>reporter:unlike the knee injury suffered against the rockets, this latest issue is just a minor bump. >>reporter:and as of this morning, the swelling has gone down. >>reporter:barring anything crazy happening before sunday, the mvp will be starting. >>reporter:here's a look at curry this he went through his usual post-practice shooting routine. >>reporter:he's wearing a compression sleeve on his right arm.
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he told reporters that he's feeling fine. and it's just a little sore because of the impact. >>reporter:the good thing he didn't have to undergo an invasive procedure to >>reporter:here's the mvp with more on his status, plus-- some words for that courtside spectator-turned photographer. game 3 tipoff is set for sunday evening at 5. >>reporter:the warriors have some good memories at okc. >>reporter:the last time they played there was back in february when curry dropped 46- points and hit that game-winning 35-footer.
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>>pam m:we have the warriors schedule, it is a best of seven series. >>pam m:game three is in oklahoma sunday. game four is next tuesday in oklahoma. game five is back at oracle thursday. >>steve a:according to the palo alto police department, a pair of men entered a home here along dana avenue just before 6 pm thursday. a woman in her sixties was home alone at the time and heard a crash inside the house but did not hear the men enter. upon further investigation, she found that the front door had been kicked open and that both suspects were inside the house. according to police she yelled at them and both men fled. they were last seen running east along dana avenue. >>reporter:the residents of the
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home declined to speak with kron 4 friday afternoon, but police say that no one was injured and that nothing was taken from the house. amy says that this is a reminder to the neighborhood to not let their guard down. >>:well, the police talked with all the kids on the block about what to do if youre home alone and someone comes to the door. we are going to keep locking our doors and setting the alarm. cause that's what we do. >>catherine:police in pittsburg have released a new sketch of the suspect in january's. deadly shooting on a crowded bart train.
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>>pam m:take a look at the new sketch. >>pam m:police believe this man may be the person who shot and killed 19-year-old carlos romero. on a bart train, back on january- ninth at the west oakland station. >>pam m:and now, police believe the man boarded the train. at the pittsburg baypoint station. >>pam m:police had originally released still images and video of the suspect. >>pam m:there is still a 10- thousand dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest. >>pam m:bart is reassuring passengers that violent crimes like this. are extremely rare. >>pam m:tonight at 10: >>pam m:we're learning new, disturbing details about the minutes before egyptair flight 804 crashed in the mediterranean. >>steve a:-- the plane registered smoke alerts.that's according to flight data. grant lodes is here with the latest on the tragedy that killed 66 people. egyptian authorities suspect terrorism. >>grant l: there are starting
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to your results of the question remains was a bomb if if so how did it get on the plane for is terrorism not a factor at all close to the final minutes of flight each of their jets and a series of automatic electronic messages the tech and smoke and bathroom behind the cockpit just below the cockpit also indicated failures on the windows of the plane and mr. dennis wonder if someone planted a device on the jet at the paris airport. >>grant l: and they found a seat personal belongings including
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the suitcase in human remains a satellite spot looks like an oil slick near where the each of air jet disappeared among the presumed dead a canadian mother of three living in cairo a director of procter and gamble facility in france the pilot and co-pilot who plan to get married soon will sever memorandum from when-remember-them fondly. >>grant l: egyptian and u.s. authorities said they suspect terrorism but as of right number of groups have planned response to the living
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>>pam m: if they commit warmer abnormally small hands and so from abnormal brain development.
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>>reporter: which have another round of sierras now as we go into saturday and sunday in that is owed to expire at 11:00 p.m. and that is where ring shouts of going to come from is we headed to tomorrow.
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>>reporter: the timber just as we go to tomorrow morning 51 the greens highs on the region's small 66 in san jose 65 in fremont the oakum 65 degrees this one to the unseasonable days 61 for san francisco.
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>>reporter: we will head back to the '70s as we get into the start of the work week the police and counter the lead to amend that to my family members said the officers went too far.
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>>pam m:a sex scandal in the oakland police department. >>steve a:today a new batch of officers graduated the acamdemy. >>steve a:we were there and talked to city leaders about what impact the scandal will have on the department -- going forward. >>reporter:it is the 174th basic police academy graduation in oakland. as is tradition, oakland's police chief inspects the weapons and uniforms of each of the 44 new recruits. >>:"this department is being rocked by a scandal" >>reporter:even on this celebratory day oakland mayor libby schaaf did not shy away from addressing a recently discovered sex scandal allegedly involving 4-opd officers and an underage girl. in light of this, the mayor says there must be additional inspections designed to weed out persons of low
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character applying for the job of police officer >>:"we are also conducting an audit to look at if there is anything that we can do in our background checks, in our training, in an early warning system, to suss out right away these types of character flaws, people who the mayor has issued a new executive order that will change the notification proceedure when an opd officer is allegedly involved in criminal behavior >>:"and require at the first reasonable suspicion of criminal conduct, on duty or off duty by any police department employee, not just sworn officers, that the d.a. of alameda county or if it happens outside of alameda county that the appropriate police department is notified immediately" this sex scandal is the latest black eye for opd, back in december of 2015 several off duty opd officers were allegedly involved in the home invasion of an alameda county probation officer "we have to approach this work as guardians of the community we serve" >>reporter:both alleged criminal incidents happening in the midst of chief when't efforts to
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reform officer behavior in his police department >>:"we've terminated officers, we have issued suspensions to officers, we hold officers accountable, we have very high expectations for their conduct, we do not in any way tolerate criminal misconduct or misconduct of any kind for that matter" >>reporter:mayor schaaf says she is supportive of the chief's handling of both of these scandals "you know chief whent is known as one of this country's most aggressive and innovative leaders in transforming policing in a guardianship model, i am glad to have him as my chief" in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news >>pam m:health experts say, you should check the food in your refrigerator. there is a massive frozen food recall. and some of the food items on the list. >>pam m:. could cause you, or your family, to become very ill. >>steve a:millions of frozen fruit and vegetable packages. that date back as far as 2014. could be contaminated with listeria. prompting the recall. grant lodes joins us now. with more. grant? >>grant l: 8 people have been sick and six of the people corsicana from california major
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retailers like safeway trend joe's of caring some of these items since may 1, 2014 if you
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buy something there in the freezer and think it will be a foreign you have to check the date because the company is trying to pinpoint the source.
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>>pam m: some of you might be
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using a wireless mouse or keyboard security experts and it these devices of convenience can be a door to a potential disaster. >>gabe slate: what was about to happen this month from his law to take control of this laptop remotely for new security threat called mouse jack the hacker with the farm since text to the computer that is forgive the farm is now controlling the computer. >>gabe slate:here's how it works. >>gabe slate:the hack software is running on this smartphone, the attena attached sniffs out the wireless bridge between the dongel and the wireless mouse. >>gabe slate:the hacker finds a flaw an electronic hole -- a way in to take over the dongle and from there take over the computer. >>gabe slate:that means someone else can pretend to be you through your computer send out emails, post to social media.
10:32 pm
anything you can do on your computer they could do. >>gabe slate:so. how vulnerable are you to a mouse jack? a hacker would not need to be in close proximity of the victim to pull off of mouse jack we talked to several of the manufacture of the wireless lans and keyboards
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who told as they were aware of the finding and the release or more of days the people to download the patch to secure the created by the dollar goyou can go to gabe's tech page. on the kron 4 website, or on mobile app, to find out. >>pam m: there he has a complete list of all of the mice and keyboards with our global to these attacks and direct links to the farm where of state to a kill wireless device more secure >>steve a:police say information they have. now matches a missing persons report on file. >>steve a:rescuers pulled the fully clothed body from the water near antioch community james donlon boulevard and nightingale drive. >>steve a:the incident remains
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under investigation. >>steve a:antioch police say at this point they are not "ruling out any options." >>steve a:a motorcyclist was killed this morning after being hit by a car on the bay bridge. >>steve a:it happened around 2 a-m. on the western span of the bridge in the east bound direction. just before the treasure island off-ramp. >>steve a:c-h-p says the motorcyclist appeared to slow down. leading to the deadly collision. >>steve a:the crash closed three lanes of the bridge. for more than two hours but traffic was moving again by the start of the commute. >>steve a:the collision remains under investigation. >>pam m:a lawsuit has been filed to shut down the l-g-b-t pride party in san francisco. >>pam m:the suit was filed by two men. who were injured during a shooting at the civic center celebration last year. >>pam m:you are looking at cell phone video. from that shooting scene. >>pam m:a 51- year old street vendor was also hit with a bullet in the left arm. >>pam m:police say, the group of men involved in the shooting. was not part of the festivites.
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>>pam m:officers say, the men started arguing.then, one of them pulled out a gun and fired. >>pam m:police later arrested a 19-year-old suspect. >>pam m:new video shows the moments before a florida man died. after being tasered by georgia officers. >>pam m:the incident happened back in november of 2015. when the man's family acknowledges. he had taken drugs and had been acting erractically. >>pam m:meghan packer. shows us the newly released body cam video. >>reporter: the video was from november 20, 2015 and to your was with his cameras and beyond st. driving on i if i were his mother called 911 for help and she said her son was freaking out the deputies by december so
10:36 pm
the interaction and the back seat of the rent-a-car on the side of highway including using tweezers on him--task--tasr. >>reporter: misspoke about the bill this afternoon the video that goes on to so that it is pulling him out of the car
10:37 pm
>>pam m:the mans death has been ruled a homicide. >>pam m:the deputies identified in the police report. have not been suspended. >>pam m:the family says they plan to file a civil suit. and has requested the justice department's involvment. >>pam m: he had to be dragged of the courtroom because it was interrupted a victim's emotional testimony you she was describing her encounter with the suspect when he started speaking over her in a rambling rent she broke down and started crying and that is when the judge called a recess as some point he even started to stand and move toward higher it was a strain by guards
10:38 pm
and drive out of the court room. >>pam m: donald trump closer to you find the republican party that he endorsed and he got today.
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ah-hem. ‚ô™triple cheeeeeese! the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. hurry in before it's gone. >>pam m: inerasable white house gop candidate donald trump is trying to unify the republican party ahead of the general
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election. >>reporter: donald trump was captain of a weak of will the conservatives in front of a friendly audience he offered a
10:42 pm
blunt prescription with a few specifics.
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>>reporter: depending on if you're in the peninsula the north did this out by the east bay the microclimate force one to start of the snow that's
10:46 pm
still moving through the sierra specifically for lake tahoe you conceal lingering snow showers and to go to the rest of the weekend we will see another round of snow had been into your saturday and in terms of the bay area was seen around the showers rain showers move through as we go to tomorrow morning still demand was a little pop-up shower this is not widespread organized rainfall as the system continues to move through. >>reporter: it was dark to see a
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little clearer although was silky the chance of a few isolated thunderstorms and the forecast san jose 66 degrees in santa clara would not sing a huge difference some of them for
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cash shows that as we get into the weekend was still bicol as ahead into next week will stay pretty close to average. >>pam m: could be seen today inspecting and a demo car was such outside the building to on the west side last night.
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>>gary: from their high it was all code was a five run inning and the second they won a to
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three and a strikeouts and the wind and the warriors back on the court today for oklahoma city.
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>>gary: the sharks of corn to go tomorrow night you don't have to be a hockey fan to get inside%.
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>>pam m: on a sinking along willing--honesty can go out a long way. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts:hello you have a passenger; no i don't pull over in front of me please >>stanley roberts:i have said it over and over again when you get pulled over for a traffic infraction some people call it traffic law attitude is everything >>stanley roberts:why you in the carpool lane? because i'm hella late to work dude and there hella traffic and i wasn't expecting home boy to be sitting there/ because dumbarton bridge is like the chill bridge ok most of the cops are on the bay bridge or their on the 92 >>stanley roberts:we'll come
10:58 pm
back to her in a moment . where was i? oh yes i was saying attitude is everything here let's use the driver as an example >>stanley roberts:you have a passenger >>stanley roberts:the driver claimed he was forced into the lane let's keep listening >>stanley roberts:now what were you saying happened >>stanley roberts:the driver claims he was trying to get out the carpool lane but no one let him out >>stanley roberts:you can't end up in you actually have to make a left lane change to get in to the carpool lane and it marked >>stanley roberts:the driver becomes silent >>stanley roberts:but here's what really happened >>stanley roberts:you got caught up you knew you had to have another person in the car yea i know that i just wanted to get my client/so you were kinda in a rush yea you was hoping you can get out of it saying you were forced into a lane >>stanley roberts:basically he had a flawed excuse to avoid a ticket >>stanley roberts:i got caught behaving badly >>stanley roberts:this next driver committed a cardinal sin >>stanley roberts:the reason why i stopped you is because you crossed over the double yellow
10:59 pm
lines >>stanley roberts:i can all but guarantee that no matter what your attitude is crossing over the double yellow is a sure fire way >>stanley roberts:i'm going to cite you for crossing over the double yellow lines >>stanley roberts:this is the most intresting ticket i've ever gotten in my life it pretty awsome actually >>stanley roberts:well the school teacher from oakland with the interesting attitude got the biggest break of her life a warning on the carpool violation which carries a 500 dollar fine >>stanley roberts:are you serious >>stanley roberts:and unbeknownst to me she had another problem her registration is expired so she got a 25 dollar fixit ticket lets talk to her >>stanley roberts:so you're not only in the carpool lane you have expired registration i still got it that all i have to say thank you lord jesus mahammad allahu akbar kum baya shalom >>stanley roberts:at the dumbarton bridge in fremont stanley roberts kron 4 news >>steve a:if you've seen people behaving badly in your neighborhood let us know. you can contact stanley on facebook, twitter or email hiim. >>steve a:people-behaving-badly- at-kron-4-dot-com.
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>>pam m: bring scattered showers and a chancellor thunderstorms for the bay area another normal snowfall you can hear air cattell wrote them to pack up their stock as the grass fire recent neighborhood trees the/started out on the grass behind these


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